My Lost Song

Five-year-olds can be tortuous, at times. If they set their hearts on something, they can wail until they finally get it. I was one such kid. She would sing the song to me when I was inconsolable. She would soothe me with the song. Strains of which managed to elude me for many years afterwards. A language that was alien to me, then. The lyrics that did not make much sense to me. But it did calm me.

Years later, when, one hot April afternoon I first saw my ten-month-old niece, she whimpered. I took her in my arms and held her close to me. Out of instinct, I began humming a song for her. The long forgotten song came alive once more. As I sat down and made her lie against my body, and as I struggled with the long-forgotten lyrics, I remembered her.

Sometimes, all it takes is a strain of a lost song to rush back a lifetime for you.
All that we have dismissed to have forgotten are never lost forever.

*I am deeply grateful to Jo’s songs for giving my song back, today.



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15 responses to “My Lost Song

  1. a song or a Jo can make lots of lives beautiful

  2. saj

    Thats my favorite song!!!

  3. Jo

    Thanks Pritz. I’m really glad to know that it helped to bring back the old memories. :-)and LOL @ Thulasi.

  4. Leena

    Memories…the moment n time they come rushing back at u..the things that spur them….ahh memories..forever eluding but never forgotten….!!

  5. Thulasi:Very true. I don’t know Jo. But he made my day! Saj:Another point of similarity we can claim ownership over!Jo:Life is Beautiful!Leena:Menories flit around like butterflies. I know how much I am struggling to capture soem of them, for the sake of these entries! Wait for the book…Kris:Thanks a ton, Kris! Do stop by, again!

  6. Hi Pritz,Oh yes, I understand what u mean. Some songs/sounds /smells can bring back long-forgotten memories of love and pain.Takes us by surprise that we keep wondering where they were hiding all these years!And Jo’s voice and the sweet song made an irresistible combination, Im sure. The long-awaited key to the cellars.

  7. Thanks Adarsh! Glad that you stopped by at Kim’s!

  8. Achintya…And we continue to wander… strains of music beckon. And we continue to search… for the long lost memories considered gone… Life sure is Beautiful!

  9. Blabber-blogger

    sweet.. :)reminds me of two songs that my dear mom always used to sing to me. And i missed it so much that on my last trip, i got her to sing it and recorded it. So now i still can close my eyes n drift away to lalaland with her humming :) “Thechi mandaram thulasi. pichaka maalakal chaarthi…” and a song i have bever heard or found anywhere but from my mom.. “kaama peethatilo kaama roopiya, kanji nagartan jyothi kanden..”thanks Jo. :)

  10. Hey, pritz! I have blog-rolled u

  11. Jo

    That was wonderful Nyneishia, so that you can listen to those songs in your mom’s voice.

  12. You linked me (blog rolled?) — I feel so special!Pritz– you touch my soul every time you put words to screen.Some struggle for words to capture beauty, or that bitter sweet thread to life, or joy at it’s finest…and then there’s you.You need a book deal!And Adarsh — I’m glad you stopped by too, thanks for the kind words (I should probably tell you on your own blog! — but thanks again ;o).)

  13. Kim!Was a little apprehensive about you getting this entry. I mean.. the song would be so alien to you, but I guess the feeling is most familiar…

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