I’ve Been TAGGED!

My friends are playing Tag-Tag. One of them tagged me. Now I am supposed to write a short story (of sorts). The shorter, the better. I did it in 58 words. Here it is:

Lonesome afternoons spent on a sad little windowsill looking out at the busy world go by. Rosary hours and the 5.30 am Masses. The good nuns and bad ones. Unkempt roomies and unforgettable friends. Secret letter-writing sessions during study time. The collection of coloured glass pieces and over-licked postage stamps. A life that is fourteen years away, now.

More on this piece later…



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5 responses to “I’ve Been TAGGED!

  1. saj

    Let me take the privillage to guess your age now ? hmmmm 38 ? nahhhh 36 eh ?

  2. Leena

    LOL…whoaaa saj..no comments…ahem*….its ok pritz he doesnt know any better :PMeanwhile aren’t you supposed to tag someone now…??

  3. Lol… oh no, he does know me pretty darn well, Leena. Thats why he is happily pulling my leg! Saj aint getting any younger either!!I wont dwell too much upon either of your comments… I have a feeling this isnt going to end here! Will wait and watch the fun! Hehehe..*PEACE*As for tagging people.. I am still figuring out a list. It’s going to be up soon. BEWARE.

  4. OK, I have done the tag. Here it is:<>She looked at the carnage in disbelief. So many lives snuffed in seconds. Young, old, middle aged, they lay everywhere in heaps, some with life still flickering in them. In a swift act of mercy she shot them to their final rest. This new Bayer Cockroach Spray was indeed good as promised by the salesman.<>

  5. EXCELLENT work Silverine!!!! Simply good….

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