31st March 2004 Entry

I Love.
I am in Love.
I remain in Love.
I will always Love.
I want to be Love.



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8 responses to “31st March 2004 Entry

  1. saj

    here…take some “love” shhhhhhhhhhhhshhhhhhhhshhhhhhhgot it ? :D) Dear all,Please contribute heavily to this love relief fund!!!nyahhaaaaaa

  2. love is a dangerous thing!!!!!!!! my friends say!!!I´m not sure thought lolthomas

  3. Leena

    Love…a very interesting emotion….there is a popular saying: One cannot live with love nor can we live with love. What a perplexity!! But I still love you…u know that rite…heheehhee…!!

  4. Dear Saj…… Very kind of you!:PDear Thomas…… I cant deny that there are extra baggages involved in this business of Love. But it sure is worth carrying around!Dear LeAn…… Suddenly what Thomas said, seems very true! So, you love me, eh?:o)

  5. Saj

    on a second thought …take some more!!!shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhcall me a spammer!!!

  6. Leena

    Hmmm…on second thots I perhaps shud donate that love to the Love Relief Fund set up by Saj :POne thing we often need to realize is that there are various forms of love in this world….n yet one remains true with them all….it has the capability to cause pain…so in a way wut Thomas said is true….love is dangerous…but then again love is wut puts that smile on ur face…..brings joy..!! Like I said before….a perplexity indeed….!!

  7. Spammer Saj!LeAn! You need rest!Man oh man…

  8. vinu

    hmmmm…..a great thot……but what about executing it………thats where milk and water gets separated……though its the fault of the mortal human and not the feeling called ….LOVE.

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