The Fourth of June

My birthday was pretty nice.

I mean, if I did have to spent my 18th b’day like that, I would have drenched myself in self-pity and cried and hollered. But for a 24-year-old, it was ideal.

The “bash” began with my cousins lifting me off the couch at midnight (I was trying to sleep) and putting me in front of my birthday cake. There were four candles and my sis pitched in to say that they were counting my mental age and not biological… anything to make me look younger suits me fine!!

The “cake consuming ceremony” was cut short when my six-month-old nephew woke up and started crying. We retired to bed and fell asleep… well almost all of us! I was up all night with the ‘Happy Birthday’ greetings… and what all means to wish me so!!

There were the conventional… ‘HAPPY BUDDAY! So, whatchoo doing??’.. this, at three in the morning, is not a great question to answer. There were the slightly bold ones who SANG the song for me (Mummy!) and there were the ones who apologized for not coming over. It seems that they were planning this ‘GRAND BASH FOR PRITZ’ but somehow things didn’t work out… oh well! The silent SMS varieties beeped all night and me, being a compulsive SMSer with a sore thumb, replied to all of them individually (no ‘reply all’ for me! Oh no!)

Dawn…. no, actually, 9:00 am. I rolled off the couch and made myself presentable, in spite of wanting to lounge around in my PJs. (Who knows who will drop in?! Brad Pitt… I waited for you.)

The phone continued to ring and ring and ring. I continued thanking them all and laughing and smiling and asking about them and them asking about my day and… you know the grind! We never tire of it, do we?

My Rakhi brother presented himself in front of my door, complete with a cake, flowers and five of my pals!! To think he would do that! They made me cut the cake, they sang for me, they smeared that divine cake on my face, they clicked me with my new-found face pack. We sat around for a while and the fellows drifted off one by one.

I got a couple of books and some clothing apparels as gifts from my folks. Some flowers and birthday cards… nice! The rest of the day was spent planning what should be done when the June sun goes down. We planned out a picnic, we planned out a shopping spree, we planned out a movie. And when all the plans were made, we sat down to play cards. All the male members in my extended family and the current batch of females love to play cards. We were glued to the game till late evening. The plans were all stalled. We only took occasional breaks to feast on juicy yummy litchees and some more cakes, and of course to attend more and more phone calls!

… So you see, I wasn’t partying the day away in a disc or a pub. I didn’t watch a movie or hang out in the malls. I didn’t go para gliding or hiking, and I would have felt miserable if I were 18. But, at 24, a day to kick back and play cards meant heaven came down to Deliriously Scorching Delhi.

I Love my Life… It’s Beautiful!


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  1. vinu

    amidst all the complications in life……its always soothing to get back to the smaller and finer things in life which make us happy………a day well spent with our families is worth millions than a visit to the disco or a pub……..I realise that the simpler things in life are what we the youth are slowly beginning to appreciate…….

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