Of Rains and Pains

Rains make me nostalgic and sometimes melancholy. How much ever I try to remain cheerful and chirpy, there is a tender cord that strain of memories of the days that went by. A part of me always wants to live in the past. A tightly wound cord waiting to be plucked. Just like that of a guitar or a harp. A rain gently plucks at the string plunging me into reverie and beautiful days gone by and never to return.

It’s raining. I stand by the window with my hands perched upon the sill, watching the drops splash and hurrying to join other drops to form puddles. Pearls of memories begin to string themselves together to form a chain of thoughts. Each pearl is dear to me.


I was with my family in our car. Pa drove slowly. This was going to be the last time I will be riding along with them… Tears streamed down my cheeks at that thought. My sister held my hand tighter. She was crying too. We watched the rain together in silence. For that moment we forgot all our girlish squabbles and dismissed them as part of being siblings. It did not matter anymore. What mattered now was that I was flying away from home…


We were in Peechi dam (Kerala). Six people and three umbrellas. The dam as closed to visitors. We were too late. The camera wouldn’t work and, to top it all, it was raining cats and dogs! My cousin newly married and we were out seeing places. This was a damp squib – in the literal sense of the term! Our shoes squished and squashed and we were drenched to the skin. The umbrellas were too small. Enjoyable times, unforgettable moments…


It rained heavily. There was a slight chill but still, I stood outside to take in the smell of the damp earth. I was wondering if a certain someone was also enjoying this beautiful night – first love?!


The roads were blocked due to the unexpected heavy showers. I was standing by the door with a heavy heart. My brother and sister were leaving for Kuwait that day. Again, I would be alone. All these thoughts revolved in my head and a few silent tears trickled down. I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder – it was my cousin.

‘What are you doing here?’


My voice had already betrayed my mind. He understood. That’s why he is beautiful. We stood there watching the rain lash upon the earth. Beautiful, protected moments, with his arms wrapped around my shoulders.


Fun loving ‘rain moments’ to cherish – A pal peered at a curious pimple I was sporting. The boys were desperately trying to make some plans for this Sunday. I was enjoying my being with them. The moment seemed so nice – I did not want it to end.

Our plans were cut short and we all drove off straight home – it rained badly that day.


The interval period in between the movie was very short but I still felt like taking a walk. I left the other girls behind in the stuffy hall and went out for a whiff of fresh air. I looked out of the window and saw Delhi was soaking in the monsoon shower. The windows were all sealed – a part of the air conditioning procedure out here. I could almost smell the wet earth. The trees lashed and the pitter-patter was loud and pronounced. I fussed about wearing a white shirt that day.

Later on, when the movie was over and after all of them left after my birthday treat, I went to the cemetery with Jenny. For the first time, I noticed how beautiful the place was.

I celebrated my birth, with the dead that day.


I was very content with the way things were shaping up in Life – so there was an extra spring in every step. I was on my way to Kerala, in a train. Life had taken unprecedented twists and turns in a couple of months and there was so much of sadness around. But now it was as though the world was telling me that the worst is over. It rained heavily and I struggled with the stubborn shutter windowpane. I closed it with the help of a handsome army man who was seated opposite to me. (He was doing this for me the third time in a row…) That moment held promises of a brighter and better future. An inexplicable bliss filled me. Probably that because I was meeting my mother after a whole lonesome, long year. Or maybe because now I had grown up considerably, as a person…


Lonely winter rains in Kuwait. The windowsill was icy cold. I stood by it, in my school overcoat wondering if I would be having my Chemistry test or not. My siblings were buried deep inside their warm blankets sleeping through the early winter morning, cozy and warm. I had my crucial 12th Boards to tackle. I had to sacrifice such small joys in Life. There was that Chemistry test to face…


23 youngsters – all of who were excited about a camp they were going to attend. The camp was in a faraway place called Kanhie.

It began to rain. All of them scrambled into the two vehicles that would take us to our destination. Guitar, bags, music system and bats!

At that moment, no one had an inkling of an idea as to what awaited them in the camp.



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2 responses to “Of Rains and Pains

  1. Leena

    Ahh brings back memories….definitely remember the morning of our chemistry board exam…at that point seemed like nature was so in tune to our emotions.

  2. Leena!I am so excited to see you in here! It’s like you came a-visiting!Stop by again!Love you.

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