Took a break.


It served the purpose too.

Not too many things like that, happen these days!

But this thing is worth a mention, really.

There are some times in your life, however insignificant you feel it is, when you need a break.

At that point of time, it may not seem to be the ideal thing to do.

Huh!, you think, I am not the one to run away from troubles.

If I do sound like a weakling, I don’t blame you for calling me so.

Go ahead. But I know what I am talking about, out here.

I went on a two week holiday. Where? Home.

I went back, building impressions in my mind, about how I would go back to being a kid.

How my parents are gonna pamper me. And how my brother would dote on me.

How I would be able to gte away with being lazy. Oh! There’s mom!, You think.

But in the initial days of my vacation, I was grossly dissapointed.

‘Its because you have pre conceived notions!’, admonished my Buddy.

‘It is not!’ I shot back. But the minute I uttered those words, I knew the Bud was right.

The effects of the vacation happened, after I returned back to ‘the-life-is-so-boring’ routine.

I was physically ill most of my vacation. And I wasnt particularly keen to move about, thanks to that.

But once I came back, I found I had a renewed vigour to get back to my life.

And I thanked God for all those small mercies, He keeps sprinkling me with.

I was so glad to see my pals again!

I was so glad to get back to work!

And this euphoria is still lasting.

As though I am on my honeymoon or something.

I smile when the thought of my honeymoon comes to mind.

As an afterthought, Life should be like a honeymoon. something to reminince in the years to come.

I am getting there.

Slow, yet steady.

Go ahead.

Have a break.

See you after the break.


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