This is bad!
Nothing is coming out of me – I tried to write and I got stuck right here!!!
Read this. See if you can help me continue…
Waaaaaaaa !!!!!
“She wasnt aware of her half smile, her gaze fixed on the melting sun. The Sun in the last moments of dusk was always very close to her heart. It never failed to remind her of a seemingly beautiful past she had. Those memories became crucial to her now.

The Sun blended with the evening sky, with such perfection – something one would only see in a state of unknown beauty — reality?

Suddenly, aware of where she was, she came out of reverie. The cycle rickshaw hobbled along the lonely, unforgiving road. She was going with a purpose. Today, she had to know. She had to find out .”


Now, I am stuck. I wanna write something nice. Nothing is coming out. I just happen to go through some old stuff I had… Seems like I am ALWAYS doing that! But I was heart broken when I found how much my language had deteriorated.

I used to be this addict of crossword puzzles. It helps. Most of the time, in the bus, in front of the television – anywhere – you would find me with a puzzle, just a few words away from completing it. I had an awesome vocabulary. (I sound like an old toothless tiger talking about his hey-days!)

That habit has worn off. Something that had started when I was eleven, wore off, after another eleven years.
Beautiful little black and white boxes. The contrast looked good when my Pa left none of the boxes empty. It used to catch my eye, even before I had learnt what alphabets are all about. My father was crossword-crazy. (Now you know where THAT comes from! And now, I am just PLAIN crazy!) There was a big tattered dictionary lying in Pa’s office. They would be something like an awesome twosome – the dictionary and Pa. Both partners in a mission to solve a grid of black and white squares! Almost sounds comical!

I am drifting away from the topic… Remember that thing I wrote about a female and the Sun?? I was thinking of doing something about it. Then it was about something not related to it at all – CROSSWORDS!
It is getting BAD!!

This is the part where you could go …
*yawn* *yawn*!
SEE??? Now you see what I mean? I am losing it!!
*pulling my hair out*
I think I should give up. For now.
Go on… Check out that other site you were planning to.
I better be off!


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