Why are my thoughts odd??
Thats an odd thought in itself.

Let me tell you why –

A friend of mine sent me the link to his blog, over chat and asked me to ‘check it out’ and tell him what I thought about it.
My fleeting thought – odd thought – was something like this:
” why didnt I have a blog of my own, in the first place? I should be having one because you get your thoughts all out there for people to read. Those who wanna read your thoughts. Hehehe… thought readers – more like reading minds, eh? Why, would that make these people, you know, Clarivoyents?? Not really. Clarivoyents would be more than just that…”
My poor friend didnt really get to know what his blog looks like, to me.

Another odd thought of mine –
Why should this whole thingy be called a BLOG??
My thoughts led off to a discovery in the lines of something like this –
A Blog is a venue to express yourself. To remove all the BLocks while writing. To vent off all the pent up ideas that clOG your flow of thought… in this case, odd thoughts. Aah! Thats how the name must have come about!
Not that bad, eh?

Trying to get even with odd thoughts??
No. Never. Its just the way I think.
Odd, aint it?
Neva mind…

Like what the nun in my Catechism class used to tell me.
” You are unique, my child..” And in the same breath she would add, “EVERYONE is unique!”

Now, even THAT isn’t odd enough for me.



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4 responses to “GETTING EVEN WITH ODDS?!

  1. so now you have a blog of 2 years + and do you know how your blog looks like? may be not much!!

  2. Lol! cant believe you actually sat through THIS entry!!! Humble beginnings.. :-D

  3. ya you have kept it for almost 3 yrs, is great.

  4. Your thoughts cannot be “odder” than my thoughts!

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