Not So Great

Tests. Exams. The key words of the month. I thought there would be an end to these when I am through with school and college, but realization dawned on me slowly – I am giving an exam every single day I live.

We are facing so many little tests every day. The decisions I make, the opinions I form. The ever-changing world projects itself as big exam to me. Funny – sometimes, we don’t even know the questions we are giving answers to!

But there is a beauty to this sort of exam – we can use external help! The special people who come out of nowhere just when you need them – they point their fingers towards the direction of success. The path would be treacherous, but the goal can be seen! And it would surely be easier with company.

There is a well-acclaimed book named “ The Alchemist”. The protagonist is a shepherd who travels across deserts and seas to seek his fortune. His path towards his goal is strewn with omens and signs. It is a fictional piece of writing, of course. But it set me thinking – sometimes a little bit of such superstition would help you “take it easy”. Omens, good signs, Angels, Good luck charms, Genies, Fairies… nice thoughts.
Thoughts that tell you that there are people around you who would see to it that you have reached your goal safely.

Whoever told you that we weren’t shielded?! Boy, Am I glad.


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