So this is it! My very first Blog Entry!
I have to test these grounds though – with an old piece I once wrote –
Here Goes….


“Now is the time for us to change the world!”
A very revolutionary line. A line that will never lose its newness and appeal. A phrase that is as old as humanity itself! And ‘rebels’ are swept off their feet. They can finally identify with someone. Yes! They feel, we are not the ones who should change, it’s the system!! They applaud whenever a ‘rebel’, at complete lose for words, would blurt out this line.

This ‘revolution’ has been going on for a long long time now. Of course, they took on different avatars with the passage of time. Watch an old movie flick and you will see what I am talking about. The ‘rebels’ would be floating about in the world of LSD, wearing outrageous attires that haven’t seen the laundry bin for a long time. They ‘fought’ for complete freedom, Vietnam War and ‘flower power’ and Communism.

‘But those were the Good Ol’ Days!’, today’s ‘rebel’ screams. The millennium rebel moves about furtively, not wanting to be identified as a ‘Freak’ by his peers. In spite of the sure-footed next generation image they have created for themselves – with generous aid from the media – they, the ‘rebels’, are a confused lot. They are in an age when the rebels of the seventies are busy with baby formulae and school admissions. They have no one to look up to. They are supposed to carry on the ‘revolution’ with its glorious history hanging heavy on their conscientious heads.

Sadly, today’s ‘rebel’ doesn’t know what to ‘fight’ for. He doesn’t have a Vietnam War to protest against. As for the racist issue, nah, it’s too outdated. They haven’t read Das Capital. So, the rebels of today have no work. They just continue to exist. There’s no cause to fight for, they defiantly argue.

How about communal riots, dowry deaths and religious fanaticism? You ask. ‘We are not politicians and NGOs.’ They retort. ‘We are rebels, remember?’ Yeah, sure.

Yeah, yeah! You guessed it! I really have ODD THOUGHTS!


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